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Bookkeeping Logo 101

The U.S. is a haven of bookkeepers. Most bookkeepers are employed, but some have their own private practice. Having a wonderful bookkeeping logo is quite important to the success of your practice as a bookkeeper, whether you are employed by another company or are working on your own.

To Catch a Potential Client

A lot of your prospective clients will form a lasting judgment on you based on their first impression. There is no difference in the way things operate in the business world. First impressions that prospective clients get about your company will greatly factor in as they assess your bookkeeping company.

What is the best way to get that good first impression from your potential client? A creatively designed logo is a good way. Do not use flamboyant colors. Minimalism is recommended.

What is your first impression when you are looking at your company’s own letterhead? You need to be satisfied with how your company’s logo communicates your company’s core values, because it is also what your prospective clients see.

The Game Changer

Logos are not as important to tech companies as compared to bookkeeping companies. The need for innovation is the primary reason people get the services of a tech company.

Bookkeeping is so much easier than technological innovation that there is not much competition in terms of skill in the bookkeeping world.

You need to offer your prospective clients something more. People need to be associated with something that projects stability. A well-crafted logo can show your clients how unique and special your company is.

Reaching the Top

While having such a powerful logo may not put all your competitors out of business, it inevitably earns their respect. A lot of companies have tried to come up with a logo that would make it to the top, but have failed. This is the reason why a great, well-crafted logo earn the respect of every other bookkeeper and accountant in town.

Now that your company has been noticed by both bookkeepers and accountants, it isn’t far from reaching the top of the industry ladder. When you are on top of the leader board, your prospective clients could easily double or multiply.

The Challenge

In order to be an excellent bookkeeper, you need not be a very creative individual. Despite your job of crunching numbers all the time and piling up paperwork, a creative twist can earn you smiles and nods from your peers who love creativity. Having a creative logo for your company might be a good way for others to also see your creative side.

What Goes Into a Logo

There are a lot of ingredients that goes into the making of a great logo: a clear and creative mind, understanding color, mastery of what your brand stands for, and above all, the tools of the trade. It may take several attempts, but remember, it’s all worth it. Never give up. Play around with your logo until you get it right. Soon enough you will reap the great reward.